T2 Blue 10 underfloor heating cable

Raychem T2 Blue: The flexible underfloor heating cable


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T2 Blue 10W constant wattage cable with electrically protective covering is suitable for installation directly in a levelling compound, screed or concrete.

  • Heating cable with pre-fabricated power cable
  • Ideal for complex floor layouts
  • Power output flexibility by varying the distance between heating cables
  • Suitable for laying in milled grooves in the screed/concrete without increasing the total height of the floor structure.


Bathrooms, stairs, living areas, conservatories.

  • Floor covering: suitable for most floor coverings, subject to installation guidance and floor covering manufacture approval.
  • Subfloor: Cement screed floor: concrete.


Which power output do I need?

  1. New construction – good installation. 35W/m2 – 60W/m2
  2. Old building renovation – good installation. 60W/m2 – 100W/m2
  3. Old building renovation – less well insulated. 125W/m2 – 150W/m2

The specified values are recommended values and apply for comfort heating.


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Which Cable do I need?

  1. Determine the room area in m2. e.g. 13.5m2
  2. Determine the (free) area in m2 to be heated. e.g. 10m2
  3. Select the total power output required for the area in W e.g. 1,200W
  4. Calculate the power per square metre: e.g. 1,200W/10m2 = 120W/m2
  5. Select the product with the nearest total power from the table below. e.g. 121m= 1.215W/230V (121W/m2)
  6. Define the heating cable spacing: 10m2/121m heating cable length = 0.08m (approx. 82mm)
  7. Select your thermostat



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Accessories available:

Hot glue rods:       70 pcs. in 1 box

Hot glue rods:       10 pcs. in 1 bag

KBL-9:                    Cable Ties

TF Kit:                     Sensor installation pipe and sensor end plug for Raychem thermostat

T2 Blue repair kit:   Repair and extension kit for T2 Blue

All available to order in the drop down box for the T2 Blue product. Click on the product link at the top of the page

Technical Data

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