Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat

Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat.



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Click here to order Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat.


No one likes to incur high electricity costs. That’s why the Raychem underfloor heating systems and thermostats are designed to minimise electricity costs.

The Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat has a modern look and feel. The thermostat is an “in wall” mounted programmable thermostat for electrical floor heating.


The Raychem Greenleaf thermostat has:

• Large and clear display.
• Easy navigation.
• The same button is used for:
- changing programmes,
- for saving values. 
- for turning off the Raychem Greenleaf thermostat.
• Built-in 4 event programmable function.

house1    house2  house3  house4

3 operation modes.

- Standard Comfort mode. (1 temperature set point- manual on/off).
- Editable program. (4 temperature and time periods per day).
- Holiday mode. (Standby).
• Retrofit. Compatible with other Raychem floor sensor cables. E.g. NRG-Temp. This makes it easy to upgrade your existing Raychem thermostat.
• Optimum heat management with 2 sensors. (Ambient & floor sensor).
• Reliable thermostat backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty.


Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat can be used with following floor heating systems:

  •  T2QuickNet 90 W/m².
  •  T2 QuickNet 160 W/m².
  •  T2Red. Self-regulating heating cable.
  •  T2Blue 10 W/m².
  •  T2Blue 20 W/m².
  •  CeraPro heating cable.


Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat l raychem greenleaf

Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat

Technical data for the Raychem Greenleaf Thermostat:

• Supply voltage: 230V (+10% / -15%) – 50 Hz.
• Relay output: maximum 13A.
• IP 20.
• Floor sensor (external sensor).
1. With 3 metre cable.
2. Type NTC 10K @ 25°C.
3. Compatible with existing Raychem NRG floor sensor.
• Internal room sensor.

CE approved according to the norms EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9.
RoHS compliant.
WEEE compliant.

 The Raychem Greenleaf Box includes:

• Raychem Greenleaf thermostat.
• External floor sensor.
• Adaptor frame.
• 2 fixing screws.
• Instruction manual.



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