Raychem CeraPro Underfloor Heating Cable

Raychem cerapro

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Raychem CeraPro. 

Ultrathin electrical underfloor heating cable

The Raychem CeraPro electric underfloor heating cable is suited for renovation projects where the cable is installed directly in tile adhesive or in a thin layer of levelling compound.

The cable exists in pre-terminated lengths. With output from 160-1140W) to cover 1 to 11m² floor surfaces.

The Cerapro is:

• Robust.
• Ultra thin for no additional floor height (3mm).
• Output variable depending on heat requirement.
• Exceeds the highest IEC standards for electrical heating cables. (IEC60800).
• The professional solution for tiled bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories.


raychem ceraproRaychem CeraPro information and installation guide.
Raychem CeraPro product sizing guide.




Key benefits:

  • Easy installation
    • Loose wire -ideal for small & irregular floor plans
    • Tape, mesh & glue stick fixing method ( included in box)
    • Pre-terminated with power cable
    • Easy packaging with spool for fast installation
    • Only 3mm thick
  • Flexible power output :  closer loops= higher output,  wider loops= lower output (100-150W/m²)
  • For use under ceramic tiles & natural stone
  • Can be installed on cement screed & concrete subfloors
  • Can be used on top of Isolecta insulation boards
  • No maintenance required
  • Reliable system backed up with 12-20 years total care warranty

For timber sub-floors space the cable at 110mm to produce 100w/m2.

For concrete and insulation board covered sub-floors space the cable at 75mm to produce 150w/m2.

Raychem recommend the installation of insulation boards underneath the heating cable for efficient use of their products.

No thermostat included – See below for suitable Raychem thermostats & Isolecta insulation boards

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Raychem Cerapro Technical Details

Nominal voltage 230 VAC
Power output 160-1140W
Surface coverage 1-11m²
Lengths 14-100m
Minimum bending radius 30mm
Outer Jacket fluopolymer
Maximum exposure temperature 90°C
Approvals / Certifications VDE, CE, SEMKO,tested to IEC60800
Circuit breaker C Type max.13Amp

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